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Rosanna & Focusing

I would like to share a bit about my experience Focusing with Dorry Aben. First I'll share a poem that describes the journey I went on and after that a few words on the session itself.

The small black monster.

A big, light, pointing finger.

I stand steady in between.

With my beams.

Holding the space.

No need to choose.

They are both allowed to be.

I grow like a tree.

Looking down from the top.

Both parts equally big.

The resistance.

A disapproving finger.

Also this is allowed to be.

My stomach wants attention.

It wants me to breath there.

Not wanting to lose control.

Also this is allowed.

My lower back is tight.

Fear to lose control.

I let the fear be.

The dark chest is heavy.


I give it attention, it lifts off.

Embracing all aspects

Letting go of thinking

Not having to search.

Not having to know.

Just acknowledge.

Accept and let it be.

Let me be me.

The session went very deep. Dorry guided me into a deeper layer within myself and at the same time she connected me to the universe at large. It was a most profound experience and continues to have it's effect on me. Our work brought a physical and emotional release and left me with a sense of freedom. The way Dorry holds the space for me during a session allows me to enter places that I didn't manage to reach by myself. She created a loving and safe cocoon in which I could completely trust and let go. Things that were hidden in my body started to show themselves to me as Dorry gently guided me to have a spacious relationship with different aspects of myself. I arrived at a more peaceful and accepting place around my own fear and sadness. Things that my body kept locked in place started flowing again.


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