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What Is Life In Ilan Lev's Eyes?

Do not read this closely. Best to pass through it lightly without any delay. If you feel the need you may go through this again and again but without stopping. No need to test yourself or memorize this material, and if you find yourself getting a little excited from it, know that you are in the right direction. In principle, let this matter storm your imagination.. and you are definitely in the right direction.

Life is larger than the ability to define it, meaning, it is impossible to define the concept “Life”. It is possible only to try and encircle or sketch life with as many insights that may come to mind.

On the other hand, it is possible and appropriate to say that life is whatever one chooses to make of it. And in this frame of mind, one can elaborate and say that life isn’t dictated, nor is it a necessity that one has to rush through. It would also be wrong to work hard at living because hard work is a forgery that doesn’t leave any time… to live. Of course this doesn’t mean that nothing should be done. Longings of the heart should be followed, and in that way we can discover life. You should know: life is not a goal that we strive for. Life is what happens to us all the time in a tangible way which means only in the here and now.

Nevertheless, within all this lack of clarity, is there any lead to hang on to when trying to answer this simple question – what is life? In the writer’s opinion there is a lead. Let us discover it.

Reverberation is the essence of life. The resonance between frequencies, the pulsating game among them is the entire story. Like a concert. Sounds derived from one instrument integrate with sounds derived from another, mix and roll with each other, constantly moving in and out of one state to another. The richness in sound that is produced, fits in with other sounds that are alike but different and it is this which creates this concert, which is a journey of life-beating experiences.

So, what are these frequencies, what do they contain and what keeps them together?

These frequencies are a collection of all the codes of life. All the codes needed to create the woven stories of our lives, there are no others besides them. Not in a different reservoir nor at any other place, nor in any other available form, nor at any other time. This is a complete holism. A wholeness that can surely change its shape from time to time but can do so only at remote times and places, and therefore unreachable for us nor relevant as far as we are concerned, according to any standard we have known, have not known or will ever know…

These are frequencies that were concentrated earlier in a different place, beyond our understanding, in a density that we have never met before and in time will most likely return but not exactly there.. which actually means the same to us. This current collection of frequencies is the one we are interested in, it is within the scope of our activity, inside the limits of its awareness and unawareness. This is our playground. All of it. When I say “ours” in this context I mean to every human, bird, butterfly, tree, brook, the sea, a stone - all we can see and touch, know about or not know about.

The stars, the signs, the planets and the entire creation. Our brain cannot comprehend this but our imagination can. What is it derived from? From knowing our limits and from our manipulative imagination which enables us to recognize even if only in an asymptotic manner the whole perspective of our infinity, in full understanding that it is some kind of local “endlessness” that is certainly a part of the “never ending” family structured one above the other, alongside each other and in continuation of each other. They all are in some sort of shared space everywhere and nowhere, all the time and in no time. This could be our inclusive existence or perhaps it doesn’t exist at all but is all an illusion. Those of you who find the idea of illusion disturbing, let us at least agree that the illusion too is part of this global existence. It is, isn’t it?

What is important in all of this is our present space with all its rules determined by those frequencies of creation as we’ve called them, they are registered there and only there. These are the frequencies that have been spread out as a result of the big bang as we’ve named it, and it is the beginning of our local infinity era. An infinity where everything exists and happens endlessly and contemporaneously, only when we are called upon to walk through it in our very best limited way, while bumping into what we will define as yesterday, tomorrow and the present, that might not even exist but that everything exists within it in a hidden shrouded secrecy, simultaneously. The problem lies within our limited ability to identify it because it cannot go beyond the point we are already facing, where we turn to or where we will turn to next and we will understand within this limitation what we understand. But between you and me just knowing this limitation will enable us to hover easily beyond it. All within our local infinity. That is pretty much all, isn’t it?

And so, we’ve come back to the question what are these frequencies and what are they made of? According to our most manipulative way of thinking, these frequencies are all the codes of life. It is important to understand that this is not only the distribution of the human life system, but a mighty concentration, of the entire cosmic knowledge compressed into this whole matter. This is very useful information that takes up no space at all -the most compressed microfiche* library, that doesn’t require any storage space. A collection of mighty knowledge that updates itself all the time in a remarkably dynamic way and is constantly available for whoever holds an appropriate credit card or a magical key, to access it.

The name of the game is being worthy of reading this, with reciprocity, with no need or intention to own in. This can only be done by recognizing our limitations, in a decent way, derived only from appropriate curiosity… these are the shortest and therefor also the fastest, the most official and the most appropriate frequencies. They are the mother tongue of the creation. They are the only common language for all creatures large and small above and beneath the ground and in all directions.

Where did these frequencies come from? Can we really touch these sources? Will we know what their end will be?

A serious analysis is not enough to get us all the way there. The things are way beyond our conception. It would seem that the only appropriate way for us to touch the story of creation and the hereafter is through the folk tales and free allegories. Only there we need to roam and choose words that are not directed to our senses but to our wild imagination only. Mythologies and folk tales that have survived the ravages of time have persisted in telling us the stories of creation. Above this narrative stands the Divine creator of Adam and Eve. He who created them did so out of desire to know Himself, no more than that as they are created in His own image. But because He dared not and could not fulfill His commitment in giving Eve back to Adam, and in His lack of ability to bear this matter consciously and morally.. He exploded, His particles shattered all over.. Pay attention, divine knowledge is within every single one of these tiny pieces. This is the frequency, or a collection of frequencies that were a little lost until they found other frequencies that showed empathy to one another and got together in little energetic groups that became more complex energetic structures in order to continue their struggle to survive this game, until they became bearers of different DNA. And became the DNA of a human, a tree, a flower, a bird, a rock, the sea, of all the planets, of whatever is visible and whatever is hidden etc. etc.. The ones who survived did so by justifying their existence thanks to the give-and-take within the working arrangement of the whole creation.

This is actually the whole story. All the rest is commentary. Even if this story continues and perhaps will continue to its expected but not anticipated end… this is actually the whole story. All the anatomy and physiology books, great researches from the past, the present and the future are all remarkable but lack, by definition, the prospect of attempting to see and contain the full reality. The source of this limitation lies within the functions of the two major participants that build and activate this happening: the brain and the imagination. The brain is the limiting factor. That is not too bad though.. the more we understand this, the more exciting it becomes, it “turns on” the imagination and awakens it more and more. And between you and me, this is the real thing. End of story. For me this story is important not for understanding the whole truth, because it is beyond our understanding but for us to use as an appropriate source we can turn to with every single question, and receive, yes receive, an answer.


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