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Ieva Bars


Dorry is...well, amazing.


Not to sound too corny but her treatments changed my life in a way.


Our sessions helped me open and get unstuck. I always felt completely safe and seen by her, and she facilitates whatever needs to come out to come out. I also gained much more awareness of my body through our sessions.

Highly recommend! Especially for those who have an active mind - I find that the treatments really help trick/surprise my mind and let go of control.

A bonus point - Dorry is hilarious and just an awesome being!


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Entrepreneur, Coach

Dorry feels exactly what is going on inside of me, sometimes before I can feel it myself.


She helped me to release blockages and limiting believes, I feel so much lighter now... A session with Dorry is hard to describe in words, but I would say it's transformational.


Thank you Dorry!

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Dorry’s personality is down to earth. She has universal wisdom and she communicates in a gentle way.

In the Ilan Lev Method treatment, she brings motion and light pressure into your body which resonates within and helps release tensions while increasing your life energy.

Her treatment was overwhelming and days later I still felt both lighter and more energetic: she brightens up the little gem inside yourself!

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