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Frequently Asked Questions


Discover how these offerings lead to a shift in perception and accelerate your evolution.

  • What if I have done the 3-month Inner Shift Academy Program but want to continue?
    Once you have participated in the Inner Shift Academy program once, you can extend into the next (or any following) 3-month series of group coaching for €500. I have set it up like this that it will always be possible to continue because the power of truly living a life in which peace, love and joy are central lies in consistency and repetition. Many people choose to continue the Inner Shift Group Coaching sessions because they can start to see their life shift. The daily life of most people has a level of chaos in it and once you are introduced to a different potential that becomes your main priority. Coming together in these online weekly group sessions reinforces unconditional love, peace and lightheartedness. For your body you go to the gym, for your soul you attend these weekly meetings. It is the best present you can give yourself! These extensions came into being at the request and according to the desire of the people inside the program.
  • How can you support me during a burnout?
    A Burnout is basically an indication that we have built our life on quick sand. It is unsustainable yet we still keep going till we sink. The burnout itself is a blessing not a punishment. It's an invitation to greater self love and discovering the freedom in being yourself. It forces you to put yourself first and allows you to re-evaluate the motives and energy you were functioning from. Was it from the need to prove that you are worthy, good enough, someone that matters in this world? Or from a place of fulfillment without need and driven by inspiration? If you are reading this my guess would be the first one... I am here to tell you that when everything is an extension of your being and when you feel safe and in flow within yourself a burnout can no longer happen. At the same time this crash you experience now is necessary and was always meant to be a part of your journey so don’t look back thinking that something could or should have been different because, as I said, this is an essential part of the unfolding that is your life. The collapse is the gift as from there can rebuild a sustainable and harmonious life. In the process with me you move to the full embrace of all that you are, allowing yourself to receive what is truly meant for you. Not the half baked version that keeps you stressed, overwhelmed and that makes you feel like you have to be a different version of yourself in every area of life, but the full version where there is only one you, the you that you authentically are and that is an extension of your being. The ‘you’ that may not be 'good enough' for people around you that don't love themselves but the you that you will finally allow to be good enough for you! From this place receiving can start to happen and life can bring you that which is in alignment with you.
  • How many release sessions do I need and what is the recommended time between sessions?
    The answer to this question varies a bit but if you really want to break through a pattern it is likely that you will want to come more than once. Some people have such a big opening that they wait a month to come again and others feel that it makes sense to book a few sessions in a row. Some people receive everything they need in a single session. I share my observations and feelings with the person coming to me but I always let them check in with themselves to see what would be the best continuation for them.
  • What do you mean by pain body?
    The pain body is a term to describe the accumulation of emotional pain and trauma that we carry within ourselves. In everything I offer energies that are stored in your pain body can come up and be experienced so that they are either liberated and integrated.
  • Do you sell gift certificates?
    I don't sell gift cards as it is very important to me that the people involved choose to part take in anything I offer. If someone else wishes to pay for them that is of course always an option.
  • Who are The Inner Shift Programs suitable for?
    There is a certain level of stability required in order for these programs to benefit you. If you are in a state of survival at this moment it is better to first join the free meditations or to book a 1:1 release session. If you have a basic level of stability but know that more is possible, then this program can offer you an entry point into a whole new way of living that you didn’t even know was possible. One of peace, connection and fulfillment regardless of your life's circumstances. A life lived from freedom and love. All that is required is the willingness to let go of what you think you know and the commitment to repeat a deeper truth over the patterns and assumptions that bring you the current experience of yourself and life. Complete sovereignty, self empowerment and an unbreakable connection to the flow of life that you are is what is waiting on the other side of your willingness and commitment. Still doubting if this program is for you? Don't hesitate to contact me!
  • How can you support me with physical issues?
    The physical body is the most dense layer. This means that once something manifests in the physical body it is already present in the energetic and/or mental layer. In chronicle issues it is often stored heightened emotionality and mental patterns that lie at the root of these things. My specialty is allowing energy to flow, liberating and experiencing stored emotions and bringing a voice to the mental layers. The awareness of patterns and the loving space I hold in which everything can come up gives a chance for physical complaints to move as well. In the end our system is designed to self heal, all we have to do is get out of the way. Often it is not a quick fix with chronic illness and injuries but rather a willingness to shift your relationship with yourself and life. Some people will move out of illness and others will have to live with it. What I am offering is freedom in the midst of it. Holding space for this to happen is what I do best ;)
  • Can you support me on my spiritual path?
    Absolutely. The biggest offer I can bring you is the realization that you already are all the things you are looking for. You are spirit in a body, you are as enlightened as the greatest being that ever walked the earth. The question is why haven’t you woken up to that, why can’t you perceive this absolute equality in all things, this wholeness and this field of energy that infuses everything? In my humble opinion it is because you are struggling with your human experience. You don’t want to be you and yet you are. You don’t want to live the life you are living but of course you are. You are opposing what is and are seeking spirituality instead. I believe you don’t want to be spiritual (it is yet another identity, another way to present yourself to the world that in your eyes is better than what and who you are now) you want to feel free within yourself and free to be yourself. The key to seeing you are already everything you are looking for, is to not question your design. You are human, you therefore know pain, loss, emotions and are going through a unique life journey. There are no flaws or problems in that. But because we have been led to believe life is a problem that needs to be fixed rather than a unique experience to be lived, this truth has remained ever illusive. The more we shift into a safe place in regards to our humanity, the more we become aware of mental patterns, get in touch with our feelings and liberate the energy we held. By doing this, the peace of our being and love in our heart will reveal itself. In any moment it is possible to unplug your identification with body, mind and emotion and plug into the spirit that you are. From this perspective you can see that your humanity has always been perfectly unfolding, and that in fact it is the experience you asked to have the experience you get to love others through and that allows you to know compassion. Simply said ‘ Choose what is and you realize you have always been free.’ So I guess my contribution in your spiritual progress would simply be that I model to you that your humanity is not the problem or a limitation and that you can hold all you are in love. The rest will reveal itself naturally.
  • Do you also offer package deals?
    Yes, I do. Release Package: Where an Individual Painbody Integration session provides an opening, a series of sessions deepens this opening and allows it to remain more present in your life. 3 Holistic Bodywork & Energy Sessions (75 min) €500 ___________ Inner Shift Package - Group Coaching If you are doing OK, but are curious about a deeper level of experience and freedom in your life then this package is perfect for you. Time and time again I see people enter this journey one way and come out with a completely different perspective on themselves and life. Where 1:1 release sessions open the flow within you and allow you to feel deeper parts of yourself the Inner Shift Academy empowers you to live from that place. 3-Month Inner Journey (self paced) Online Group Coaching 6 weekly sessions (online) One Group Embodiment Session (online) 3 Body & Energy Sessions (in-person) €1800 ___________
  • What is the importance of feeling our feelings?
    The one thing that we have forgotten is that we humans are experiential beings. Meaning part of our design is to constantly feel how life impacts us. We have been programmed to fear 'feeling' and not without reason... If we were to open ourselves to the full expression of our emotions and tap into the underlying field of peace, vibrancy, love and joy, we would uncover a world of wealth and enter an infinite way of being that allows us to remember we exist in the physical as well as the multidimensional layers of reality. This remembrance will unleash the potential that will shift your perception of yourself, your life and the world at large. A human being that opens up to this experience is no longer controllable but remembers it's right to sovereignty. This of course forms a huge threat to all the systems and structures that need us to stay in the illusion that we are small and trapped when in fact we are infinite and free. As you see it, so it will be...
  • What if I have a complex post-traumatic stress syndrome or a psychiatric disorder?
    We all hold a degree of trauma and mental/emotional disorder within us. However in some cases the trauma is very deep and complex and seems to completely take over your life. I don’t necessarily advise the sessions and programs I offer if you have complex post-traumatic stress syndrome, psychiatric disorders or are on heavy medication for any of these things. It would be better to seek out medical support, EMDR sessions or work with therapists that have a lot of experience with this complexity. For both the bodywork and energy sessions and the programs a certain level of stability is needed to be able to receive that which is being offered. If you are doubting if what I offer is a match for you feel free to contact me via email.
  • How can you support me with trauma?
    Our body is a map of everything that we didn't feel safe to fully experience. The memory of trauma is stored as energy in our body and being. Without this energetic blueprint or painbody our past and all that we label as trauma would be nothing more than a neutral memory. For the release of this stored heightened emotion safety is needed. In the Inner Shift Academy's Introduction Course as well as the 3-month Inner Journey you will be supported through words and energy to feel this safety, to trust again, to accept the path you walked so far and choose the person that you are now because of it. The pure love you get to experience throughout the course will start to open up within you allowing the unwinding of everything that you held onto. The individual sessions with touch & sound are a strong energetic infusion that allow everything to surface and release more rapidly. They also provide you an entry point into experiencing who and what you are beyond the trauma or perceived issue that you currently are so heavily identified with and seem limited by. There is a lightness and light heartedness to all meetings with me. I meet you with so much compassion but also hold a possibility for you to let go of the heaviness that you hold onto. I am here to love you and I know what is possible for you if you allow yourself to receive this love. The love that you also are at your very core. A cosmic non judgmental unconditional love that sets everything and everyone free.
  • What can I expect from a one-on-one Release Session?
    What people experience in 1:1 Release Session can vary a lot. On an energetic level you will receive everything that you need in that moment. For some that means the experience of profound peace or love, others experience the liberation of heightened emotions, others experience states that can be compared to ‘psychedelic trips’ like in Ayahuasca or Truffle trips. It can also be a combination of all these things. People articulate feeling lighter, experience more space and feel more connected and grounded at the same time. Often it feels like people access a deep place within themselves that they can’t really give words to at the moment but it always feels like a positive thing. The session can open things that then need to be integrated over the course of a few days (sometimes longer). It is definitely addressing you on a very deep level so keep that in mind when you book a session.
Ieva Bars Testimonial Dorry Aben


Dorry is...well, amazing.


Not to sound too corny but her treatments changed my life in a way.


Our sessions helped me open and get unstuck. I always felt completely safe and seen by her, and she facilitates whatever needs to come out to come out. I also gained much more awareness of my body through our sessions.

Highly recommend! Especially for those who have an active mind - I find that the treatments really help trick/surprise my mind and let go of control.

A bonus point - Dorry is hilarious and just an awesome being!


Freke van Nimwegen Testimonial Dorry Aben

Entrepreneur, Coach

Dorry feels exactly what is going on inside of me, sometimes before I can feel it myself.


She helped me to release blockages and limiting believes, I feel so much lighter now... A session with Dorry is hard to describe in words, but I would say it's transformational.


Thank you Dorry!

Lucas Testimonial Dorry Aben


Dorry’s personality is down to earth. She has universal wisdom and she communicates in a gentle way.

In the Ilan Lev Method treatment, she brings motion and light pressure into your body which resonates within and helps release tensions while increasing your life energy.

Her treatment was overwhelming and days later I still felt both lighter and more energetic: she brightens up the little gem inside yourself!

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