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Vibrational Coaching

"Be empowered in yourself and your ability to meet life!"

Vibrational coaching happens in weekly online gatherings that take place over a period of 6 weeks in small groups.


The purpose is to deepen your commitment to yourselves, your ability to meet life and to connect to a source beyond everything while going through whatever life throws your way.

The vibrational component is essential in all coaching sessions. We don't get stuck in the stories but we use what's unfolding in our lives to meet ourselves honestly and align with what is coming up within us. This alignment breaks the struggle and allows for the integration and completion of the energies that kept us feeling stuck. By doing so we start to shift into a version of life that is liberated and grace filled. 

You see, you will always be human and go through things, but you are not a victim of life, you are one with it.

During these weeks you will start to feel more safe and empowered in yourself and experience that you are actually not limited in any way. You will start to notice that you can live from a completely liberated place inside yourself no matter what your journey looks like.


Life is always an entry point into more love and spaciousness if you allow it to be. 

In 6 weeks we will break through labels, patterns and assumptions that are not based in truth and that you unconsciously use to keep yourself small.

Pain and struggle are familiar to us and it takes courage to leave it behind and live in an unknown reality that is dynamic and vibrant, in which you let go of the illusion of control and flow with life as it is. I will be here to guide and support you as a friend that has been through this shift as well.

If you wish to start the vibrational coaching sessions with me it is required to first complete the Inner Shift Introduction program.


The reason for this is that I want you to first get to know me and the way I offer support so that you can feel if it is something you resonate with. It will also provide the foundational understanding that is needed to have the group sessions be most effective for you.

For maximum benefit I highly recommend combining these coaching sessions with the 3-month Inner Journey This is a powerful program that came into being as I was moving through all the things you are meeting and will be meeting within yourself.


You can choose to buy this program in one go or purchase it module by module, starting with the first part that is called the Inner Shift Introduction 


Sessions happen every Thursday 20:30-22:00 CET in groups of maximum 10 people.

The upcoming dates in 2024 are:

 21.3.2024 -  25.4.2024

16.5.2024 - 20.6.2024

 12.9.2024 - 17.10.2024

 7.11.2024 - 12.12.2024

The costs for 6 weeks of coaching

Was €600,- ONLY €500,- incl. VAT

Emilie The Inner Shift Academy Testimonial_edited.jpg

Fashion Designer

Meeting Dorry two years ago was a life-altering experience for me. Through body movement, we first enlightened my deeper, shady inner me, and step by step, through Coaching and The Inner Shift Academy, we unraveled the layers.

I didn't fully understand it all until the day it all made perfect sense. The light she gives me with touch, words, and a sense of connection is dear to me.

Indescribably thankful for the path we've taken together."


Joost Testimonial Dorry Aben


"Dorry is a clear channel and embodies a rare and genius ability for total openness in which any perceived limitation can miraculously dissolve in pure delight."

Freke van Nimwegen.jpg.jpg

Entrepreneur, Coach

Dorry feels exactly what is going on inside of me, sometimes before I can feel it myself.


She helped me to release blockages and limiting believes, I feel so much lighter now... Working with Dorry is hard to describe in words, but I would say it's transformational.

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