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Inner Shift Introduction

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This is a 2-week, self-paced course that supports you in aligning with your human experience. You will start to feel more safe, empowered and free in relationship to yourself and your ability to meet life. Over and over we have been told to believe that we are incapable of experiencing our emotions. We have been led to believe that the manifesting power of the mind can dominate our soul and influence our life and we have used the current state of our physical body as a testimonial on our state of being.  These concepts and ideas are not based in truth as I experienced it. Your body, mind and emotions are in no way a problem or a limitation unless you empower them to be. I have experienced through direct revelation that there is no correlation between who you are as a human being and your essential nature. Your being or soul is completely free and can never be touched by anything that happens in your human experience.  This course opens you up to the potential of experiencing life through the lens of this awareness.  The more you commit to aligning with what is and knowing yourself beyond who and what you think you are, the more you will know the infinite freedom found at the level of your being.  This program is for you if you wish to: 1. Align with your physical state as it is right now, relax into it and uncover a peace that will support the natural movement towards harmony that is inherent in all that lives. 2. Cultivate the ability to let your mind be as it is without empowering it. 3.Open up a sense of safety around experiencing your emotions so that you can start living a peaceful and dynamic life based in your heart.  4. Live your life in trust and from a liberated inner place. This program is the first module of my 3-month program that consists of 6 modules total. If you wish to deepen your commitment, you can continue to the other modules upon finishing this one or join the upcoming 6-week coaching series. Enjoy the ride!

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