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My Vision

In everything I offer here I address the root cause of the physical, mental or emotional struggle you are currently experiencing and provide you access to what you are beyond it so that self healing and self-empowerment can occur on all levels. A few years ago I woke up to an inner dimension that I can best describe as an ocean of pure love. It held my light and my pain equally and it didn't need anything from me. It felt like coming home to a place I had never left in which I remembered I had always been free. Truth, as I experienced it, knows no hierarchy, judgment, problem, or misstep. It only knows completion and wholeness. So don't think I'm healing you or teaching you. How can you heal someone who is already whole or teach someone that has infinite wisdom inherently within? So what do I offer then? My infinite love for you. Someone that doesn't meet you in your perceived limitations but knows the being that is your deepest truth. So that you can remember that you are not limited and live an empowered life. Truth is not an idea. It is an experience. It's a realm, a state of being within all things in which everything is abundant and equal. First, you experience this truth (self-revelation) and then you start to embody it and live from there (self-actualization). The degree to which you are accountable and committed to repeating what's true over the superimposed lie is the degree to which truth will be embodied. You will realize that this bigger truth is uniquely translated as the perfect human that you are NOW.  No becoming, no journey, but rather the possibility for complete freedom in every moment. The question is can you finally allow yourself to receive this truth? In sessions, through the academy, and in everything else I offer, you meet this field through me. Not because I have something you don't but simply because I have remembered what we humans have forgotten. In meeting me you are meeting yourself. Either the truth of your being or whatever you have put between yourself and receiving this truth. Whichever one it is they are actually both the same beat of an evolutionary momentum that we are all a part of. The beginning of integrating everything you denied within yourself is in fact happening simply by meeting these words you are reading now. You are welcome ;) I'm looking forward to helping you remember and supporting you in embodying the light of your being and walking this earth in your authentic expression and being yourself unapologetically.


Holistic Bodywork

Integrating the gap between what you think you are and what you truly are.

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inner shift academy

Finding the freedom in who you are and liberating your full potential.

spa stones

monthly membership

An oasis of playfulness and peace in a seemingly chaotic time.

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Live online meditations every Monday & Friday 20.00 CET

Holistic Bodywork

Integrating the gap between what you think you are and what you truly are.

Body & Energy Work


Sessions with me have been proven to be efficient with physical complaints, injuries, and burnouts; reducing levels of stress and past trauma.  Generally, clients experience a greater level of peace and joy, relief from pain, and strong integration of the heightened emotions they've held onto so that they can see themselves and life clearly again.


Intake and Bodywork Session (105 min.) €165 

Follow Up Session (75 min.) €125

Registration Free Meditations

Register here for the free online meditations.
Every Monday & Friday 20.00-20.30 CET





"Dorry is a clear channel and embodies a rare and genius ability for total openness in which any perceived limitation can miraculously dissolve in pure delight."

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"Working with Dorry has made me see everything more clearly. It has taken away the fear and amplified the love inside me."

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"Dorry's personality is down to earth.  She has universal wisdom and brightens up the little gem inside yourself."

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"Since meeting Dorry I feel lighter and more connected to my emotions like a weight has been lifted from my body and spirit."



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Legal Complaint Number  16021921
AGB Healthcare Number   90103981
KvK Number                      65172493

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