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Freke van Nimwegen Testimonial Dorry Aben

Entrepreneur, Coach

Dorry feels exactly what is going on inside of me, sometimes before I can feel it myself.


She helped me to release blockages and limiting believes, I feel so much lighter now... A session with Dorry is hard to describe in words, but I would say it's transformational.


Thank you Dorry!

Ivan Paitre Testimonial Dorry Aben


I had a very bad car accident after which I spend 2.5 weeks in the ICU with severe injuries. The recovery was long but I got a long way. However even working with therapists of top athletes didn't manage to get me back to the fully functioning pain free life I had hoped for. I was therefore skeptical towards yet another treatment but it came highly recommend by a friend and so I went.

Dorry was very sweet and caring but what blew me away was waking up the next morning pain free and filled with energy. Never had I imagined this to be possible and it felt like a miracle to me. I continued with sessions after this and can highly recommended her to anyone in need! 

Ieva Bars Testimonial Dorry Aben


Dorry is...well, amazing.


Not to sound too corny but her treatments changed my life in a way.


Our sessions helped me open and get unstuck. I always felt completely safe and seen by her, and she facilitates whatever needs to come out to come out. I also gained much more awareness of my body through our sessions.

Highly recommend! Especially for those who have an active mind - I find that the treatments really help trick/surprise my mind and let go of control.

A bonus point - Dorry is hilarious and just an awesome being!

Jackson Testimonial Dorry Aben


I'm a Canadian from Vancouver who discovered Dorry via her video on YouTube. My condition is neurological; Cervical Dystonia. I underwent neurosurgery in 2014 for deep brain stimulation (DBS), where two implants were placed in my deep brain, and a computer and battery were installed. Unfortunately, I now mimic symptoms of Parkinson's Disease (PD).

I have see Dorry for Ilan Lev  Method treatments for over the past two months and found it facilitates better movement, reduces pain and discomfort, and affords me more energy. I also benefit from more strength in my lower body, which reduces the symptoms of PD.

Dorry is wise and intuitive, in addition to being an empathetic therapist.  I would highly recommend her and invite any questions.

Lucas Testimonial Dorry Aben


Dorry’s personality is down to earth. She has universal wisdom and she communicates in a gentle way.

In the Ilan Lev Method treatment, she brings motion and light pressure into your body which resonates within and helps release tensions while increasing your life energy.

Her treatment was overwhelming and days later I still felt both lighter and more energetic: she brightens up the little gem inside yourself!

Sophie Testimonial Dorry Aben

Web Developer

Extremely worthwhile and satisfied with the results! I have had multiple sessions with Dorry so far and it is not only the treatments themselves that have been helping me relax and come into my own body again but the discussions we have as well.


I feel lighter, more in tune with myself, and can move more freely. And while she is extremely professional, I still find myself laughing and having fun throughout our sessions.


She makes you feel comfortable and safe and really gives you space to be you. Your body will thank you if you go.

Laura Testimonial Dorry Aben

Choreographer, Dance Teacher

I can recommend Dorry Aben to anyone with pain. Be it physical, mental, or emotional.


After a few sessions with Dorry, the balance in your entire body begins to return.


Dorry approaches you and your body in a very comfortable way. She is sensitive, really makes you feel at ease, and has a lot of compassion, warmth, and empathy.


I wish I could have a session with her every day of my life!

Emilie Testimonial Dorry Aben

Fashion Designer

Meeting Dorry two years ago was a life-altering experience for me. Through body movement, we first enlightened my deeper, shady inner me, and step by step, through Focusing and The Inner Shift Academy, we unraveled the layers.

I didn't fully understand it all until the day it all made perfect sense. The light she gives me with touch, words, and a sense of connection is dear to me.

Indescribably thankful for the path we've taken together."

Faizah Testimonial Dorry Aben

Choreographer, Teacher

I was super enthusiastic when I first heard that Dorry came to the Netherlands with this method. The very first treatment of her exceeded my expectations. I felt my whole body open and my joints felt much freer.


Every time I receive a treatment from Dorry, the connection to my body becomes stronger and his body and mind relax.

Before I met Dorry, I had a lot of complaints about my lower back. After each session, these complaints became fewer and fewer. Best of all, this treatment will make lasting changes in your body.


In addition to the physical experience, Dorry is warm, intelligent, sweet and feels exactly what you need as an individual.

I really recommend her!

Esther Hertog Testimonial Dorry Aben

Film Director, Producer

After seven years of walking around with lower back pain, I've finally got rid of it with Dorry's treatment.


I had tried everything from yoga, physical therapy, manual therapy, chiropractic treatments, Shiatsu, and more and some of these treatments helped but only temporarily.

Thanks to Dorry Aben's fantastic treatments, I no longer have a back problem. The Ilan Lev Method is a special experience and it helps!

Gil Averbuch Testimonial Dorry Aben



I had pains for months and they were literally gone after only a few sessions.


You just have to try it out!

Nina Funk Testimonial Dorry Aben

Dance Teacher

An amazing way to release your body and get free in your joints, muscles, and mind.


Thank you Dorry for helping me get fit after hip and spine problems and helping me find my way back into training.

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