The Light That You Are

Lovely People, I never spend much time thinking about existence, the meaning of life, who I truly am, and where I belong. I didn't ask and wasn't even searching. I was happy to be me and did so many things I loved. Went through many hard things as well, but always joyfully followed my instincts and wasn't one to complain. Till I realized that this 'me' that was the main focus of my life was not the truth of me but rather something that came into existence because 'simply being' didn't seem to be an option in this world of 'becoming'. Don't get me wrong it was a wonderful role to be cast for but underneath that there is so much more. The beauty of life is that it has a plan of its own. One that sometimes is greater than the one we pictured for ourselves. I never asked to experience myself as light and love but at 33 years of age, that truth was revealed nonetheless. Here are a few words on experiencing yourself as the light that you are.

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