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Find the freedom in who you are and liberate your full potential!

If you are tired of trying to become a better, more acceptable, or healthier version of yourself and are instead looking for full liberation within the human you are now, which by the way is the one answer to any perceived problem.. then this is the program for you!


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Truth as I have experienced it doesn't need anything from you. This word 'truth' can be replaced by God, 'Infinite Intelligence, or 'All That Is' and it applies to any God of your desire as in the end they are all one. The truth that I found within and therefore around everything doesn't judge and has a love beyond description for you as you are now. In fact, you being the way you are is not an accident. You were designed by an infinite intelligence perfectly and yet you question your design and make yourself wrong. It's not your fault, it's just been the behavioral and energetical trend that last thousands of years. A trend, based on survival and held in place by the illusion of separation. But you see, there is nothing wrong with you.

You are not the problem,

you are the solution!


In the program, we cover:

  1. Your human design and the embrace of it

  2. Living deeper into the full range of our experience by tapping into the underlying truth of everything as well as the pain that we are still holding on to. (also referred to as the painbody) 

  3. The simplicity of life and how to open ourselves up to receive our full potential. 

  4. Taking responsibility and letting go of victimhood consciousness.

  5. Moving towards full acceptance & surrender and getting in touch with intuition. 

  6. Having the courage to fully step into your light and see what still resonates and what we can let go of.


Duration: 6-12 Weeks


The Course Includes:

  • 33 Wisdom Videos (5-20 minutes) 

  • 22 Meditations (5-20 minutes) 

  • 6 Online Group Coaching Sessions

  • 6 Online Movement Classes (Not Mandatory)

  • Quarterly gatherings for extra support and integration. 


And much more bonus materials... 

Rosanna Headshot

Author & Artist

This work touched me deeply; I was lovingly guided to the depths of my own being and connected to the entire cosmos at the same time. I felt safe in the energetic cocoon that was provided for me. It was special and the effects of it continue to ripple into my life. I experienced a big relief and gained inner freedom physically as well as mentally. I now have more inner peace and acceptance around my life’s experiences. What my body held onto for years started to flow free again and I couldn't be more grateful.

Rosanna, Author & Artist

Naomi Headshot.jpeg

Ilan Lev Practitioner & Dancer

I became calm in your presence. I felt safe to let my guard down and I was held. You said things that blew my mind. I didn't understand it all, but it resonated with my entire being. The space that opened up has only been growing since, and with it a lot of joy. I can now acknowledge my suffering and let my emotions flow freely. More than eye-opening, it was heart-opening, and it was most certainly life-changing. I found freedom around who I am and I love myself more than ever before and, therefore, I love others more than I ever have.

Sophie Headshot

Web Developer

Before I crossed paths with Dorry I was dealing with a lot in my life, people recommended resources and techniques to me but for some reason nothing resonated. Things that felt profound for friends and family for me felt hollow. And then I met Dorry. She found a way to deliver a message to me that really hit home. 

While I had been searching for a way to become the best version of myself, Dorry spoke of just being who I am now, and accepting whatever that may be. 

Since taking her course, I’ve felt lighter and more connected with my emotions. Dorry showed me that I can embrace emotions like anger, stress and sadness the same way one would do with joy, happiness, and love. And through this acceptance, I’ve found peace within myself. Because I’ve called off the war I used to wage against my feelings, I’m able to let things flow through me. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my body and spirit.