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With great excitement, we are happy to invite you to join us for the 2nd Ilan Lev Method Practitioners' Training Program - BASIC Course in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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The Ilan Lev Method is a therapy based on touch in which we use movement and sound as our tools to communicate with the vibrational energy inside of us. The information that our nervous system receives during a treatment is registered directly in the sensoric part of the brain, beyond the cognitive. This creates a deep learning. Our patterns start to break down and our system shifts on a deep level. The treatment strengthens our self-healing abilities which results in relief of pain and stress, better circulation, and a richer range of movement. 

The treatment has been successful in treating Spinal disc hernia, damage to knee cartilage, torn ligaments, damaged and hurt joints, fibromyalgia, vertigo, and more. We see that stress and emotional density in the body are reduced, old traumas are being processed and patients are simply happier and energized.

Through its intuitive and playful nature, the method touches all layers of our existence and has the potential to take anyone from their current situation to a whole new level of being.

"I love people, love to help, love challenges, I'm curious, like new things, thrills, I love the unknown and its usage, I take responsibility, love compassion, hope, the sparkle in the eyes, I look for excitement, love feelings and I see in these the nature of life. It's very important for me to excite those I meet and those I'm with, and I see in this the materials for a true dialogue, fertile and a basis for endless giving."


-Ilan Lev


Note that the only requirements to enter our Basic training is curiosity and willingness to explore and expand.



"Had a great experience with the Ilan Lev Method School in Amsterdam!


I discovered new ways of how information can travel thought the body; astonished by the different shades of movement qualities.  Moreover, I learned how every body part is connected to one another, helping the whole, like every single voice composes the full symphony.

New body patterns were revealed to me and they emphasized the freshness and the freedom in the body, the freedom of pure life.  I enjoy discovering the effortlessness in the momentum of the movement.


I got in touch with the sensation of 'the meeting' where the hands of the practitioner's touch of the patient's body and through the enhancement of movement awareness, the proprioception, and the kinesthetic sense, two worlds connect to each other, two lives supporting and healing each other.


“Talk to the body with honesty.  The body has an appetite for movement...” - Ilan Lev

Leonardo Centi

Ballet Master & Assistant Choreographer

Osnabruck Dance Theater

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2021/2023 Dates
The BASIC course consists of 4 modules, each module has 9-10 consecutive studying days, according to the following dates:

Module 1
August 1-10, 2021

Module 2
February 18-27, 2022

Module 3
August 12-21, 2022

Module 4
February 17-26, 2023

The ILM Practitioners Training Program consists of 3 courses:


The BASIC Course
Includes four 10-day modules over the course of two years. During the course, you will learn all the basic treatment materials, discover the Ilan Lev movement language, and get to know the ideas and principles of the method. Also, the therapeutic attitude and some additional segments will be explored. Completing all 4 parts of this course entitles you to a temporary ILM practitioner diploma, so you can start working as a licensed practitioner.


A 10-day course that presents the unique language of the Ilan Lev Method which offers rich and refreshing functional possibilities for the body. It enables us to

find useful tools for movement through different positions and situations.

Through various images, we learn to break down functional patterns that we have collected over the years. By the end of this course, the students will have tools to teach ILM movement classes and a deep understanding of our movement language.


A three-part course consisting of 9-10 days each. This stage will expand our ILM insights and give us practical knowledge, it is a platform for improving our therapeutic skills. Topics like improving the therapeutic touch and dialogue, the energetic treatment, ILM therapeutic meditation, discussions to understand the Method, specialized treatment training, expansion of the modules amongst others will be treated. Completing all three parts of this course and our internship process enables you to receive a permanent ILM Practitioner Diploma and allows you to be part of the ILM Members Club - ILM Circle of Practitioners.


​Dates for the upcoming MOVEMENT and ADVANCED courses will be announced soon.

Ilan Lev has been formally certified in reflexology, bio-energy and the Feldenkrais method, all of these methods have supported his work as a therapist during the last 25 years. 


"I love movement, touch, deep human communication. I love removing obstacles, I look for new horizons and wish to share them with others. I love options and openness, I encourage chances, like to share and give respect. I feel for those in pain and happy for those who are happy."I don't sit on the bench.."

Method Founder


Was a professional dancer for many years and studied with Ilan in 2012. She has been working as a practitioner since then. In 2017 she joined Ilan as an assistant.

“This method connected me to the undeniable truth and wisdom that is in us and all around us. I feel so touched and humbled by all the encounters I have with people through this state of being and I can’t wait to meet you.”

School Director & Assistant Teacher


Graduated ILM Practitioners' Course in 2010. In 2014 she joined Ilan as a Course Assistant. Noa will be leading the ILM Practitioners' Training course in Amsterdam starting in 2021.


"I'm deeply amazed by the body's healing abilities, how it proposes solutions during this dialogue between two bodies."

Senior Assistant


Professional dancer, teacher, and therapist from Israel. Upon graduating psychology studies in Jerusalem in 2017, Almog began touring the world with Weightlessness workshops, exploring honesty through movement.


"When I first met Ilan in 2015 I felt he understands something that cannot be put into words. Since then I listen, sometimes hearing between the lines, sometimes finding something new, and continuously learning to surrender. The privilege to meet curious people through teaching with Ilan invites me to break down what I grew solid with time. I find incredible beauty in collapsing to rise fresh."

Assistant Teacher




Costs and Payments

Basic training program total cost: €5,000 EUR (four modules; 9-10 days each)

Payments are to be made in the following order:


Registration Fee

€500 EUR (non-refundable registration fee which guarantees your spot in the upcoming program)

** Your place in the course is secured only upon completing the registration fee payment which will be deducted from the 4th module price if the participant takes part in all previous modules consequently. 


Module I Participation 

€1250 EUR

To be paid no later than Jan 19, 2021

Module II Participation

€1250 EUR

To be paid via bank transfer no later than July 1, 2021

Module III Participation

€1250 EUR

To be paid via bank transfer no later than Jan 18, 2022

Module IV Participation

€750 EUR

To be paid via bank transfer no later than Aug 12, 2022



To register please pay the 500 Euro registration fee to the following bank and write in the description Registration fee ILM Course 2 and your full name.

After transferring the money send an email to with your full name, phone number, home address, and email. 


Account Name

Avital Arts Agency





Bank Address

Croeselaan 18

3521 CB Utrecht

The Netherlands

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