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Welcome To The Inner Shift Academy

In the academy's programs and offerings you are supported in re-connecting to a place of wholeness, abundance and inner peace.

Over time you will experience freedom from the illusion that you have to be changed or fixed in some way.

When you align with things you currently perceive to be problems or limitations an experience of inner harmony and peace starts to open up that will infuse all aspects of your life. 


A 2-week course that helps you align with your human experience and life itself.

Inner journey

Find the freedom in who you are and liberate your full potential



An oasis of playfulness and peace in a seemingly chaotic time.


Embrace yourself and live life from a place of Peace and Connection



If you are a part of the

monthly membership

you can access all the materials of the living library here..


There are 6-week Online Group Coaching Sessions throughout the year that help you in integrating and actualizing everything that is being offered here. They support you in implementing this shift in all areas of life.

Registration Free Meditations

Register here for the free online meditations.
Every Monday & Thursday 20.00-20.30 CET


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