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3-Month Inner Journey

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In this 3-month program I will take you on a journey of self discovery in which you realize that you don't need to change who you are in order to access infinite freedom. Every part of this course carries a strong infusion of energy that will bring up everything you held onto as the truth of yourself so that it can be released and integrated. From there who you are beyond the pain and perceived limitation can start to emerge. I highly recommend combining this program with "Live Online Support" from me. Check out the Coaching section on my website for more information about this. The program consists of the 6 modules below that you can follow in your own pace. I advise you to take at least 2 weeks for each module so that there is time for integration. 1. Body, Mind, Emotion - Your human design and the embrace of it 2. The Truth & The Illusion Of The Shadow - Meeting the pain body, understanding how it came into existence and knowing yourself beyond it 3. Simplicity & Receiving - The simplicity of life and how to open yourself up to receive your full potential 4. Taking Responsibility - Letting go of victimhood consciousness and stepping into self-empowerment 5. Trust, Acceptance, Surrender - Moving towards full acceptance & surrender and getting in touch with intuition and guidance 6. Courage & Resonance - Having the courage to fully be empowered in yourself and to let go of anything and anyone that no longer resonates with you Enjoy the ride!

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