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In 2015, I woke up to my infinite nature; a shift in which the identity took a back seat and the soul, my true nature or inner essence, moved to the forefront.

Since then, I find it hard to describe who I actually am or what it is that I do; for in this deep state I am everything and nothing all at once and I am definitely not the driving force behind all the miracles that are unfolding around me. 

I am, as we all are, pure love. A love that softens, harmonizes and shifts the entire reality. Maybe the best way to describe what I do is just that. I simply love.

Established fancy words like a healer, therapist or spiritual teacher really don't resonate. They all allude that I am in some way above you or have something that you don't have. This is simply not true. So let's just go with saying I am a point of remembrance for anyone that is ready and willing to do so. 

For those that want to know some more facts about me, I will share the following. I was born in The Netherlands in 1987. I am a mother of 2 beautiful children. Prior to entering this field, I worked as an artist, dancing with companies like Krisztina de Chatel, Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, and Vertigo Dance Company.


Since 2012, I have been studying several treatment methods and became certified in Reiki, Focusing, and The Ilan Lev Method. Through these avenues, I have supported people from all walks of life with physical and emotional challenges.

These methods are all beautiful entry points to our infinite nature; a place that knows no problems or limitations.  However, they are not needed. 

You as you are, relaxing into that every moment of every day, rediscovering your peace and finding a state of self-love within your own heart, is truly the only thing that is required.


Until you can fully embody that state and live from your own inner power it would be my honor to keep pointing you back to that. Either by doing physical and energetic sessions that help integrate all the heightened emotions that have built a wall around your magnificence or by energetically supporting you in being fully empowered in your own being through the Inner Shift Academywhere we unlearn and unwind all the nonsense that was superimposed over us.

Either way, eventually I won't be needed anymore and this makes my heart so happy.

Don't set limits and just play.

This way, you allow your body to be infused with the light of your being



BATC registration number   02330                
Legal Complaint number     16021921

AGB healthcare number      90103981

KvK Nummer:                        65172493  


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