Dorry Aben is a certified Naturopathic Specialist working with The Ilan Lev Method.  She also studied Reiki, Focusing-Oriented Therapy, and completed a medical practitioner's course.  She also assists ILM Founder, Ilan Lev, in his courses abroad.

What sets Dorry apart from other therapists is that she has undergone a shift in consciousness that allows her to tap into a field that is hidden for most human beings at this stage in our evolution. This allows her to bring a different perspective on life. One that is in line with the unconditional field of love and presence that is in and around everything in creation. She really hopes that her remembrance will ripple out to more and more human beings as this is inherently present in everyone. It's everyone's birthright to tap into this field. 


Prior to becoming a Naturopathic Specialist, she studied dance in The Netherlands and worked and performed with several international dance companies including Dansgroep Krisztina de Châtel, Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, and Vertigo Dance Company.


The Ilan Lev Method has a strong influence on her development as a teacher, therapist, and life in general.


"When energy inside the body can flow freely while energy outside the body is used properly at the same time, ultimate freedom can be found. My deepest wish is that we all remember this inner freedom and live from there"


- Dorry Aben



My Path With The Method


"I first came in touch with the method in 2011 when I was dancing with Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in Israel.  Ilan Lev personally came to give a presentation in the kibbutz where I lived and soon after, I scheduled a treatment with one of his assistants.  At the time I was suffering from a herniated disk and after my first treatment, I experienced a significant physiological shift that was the key to my recovery.  The results of the treatment resonated in my body for a long time. The method helped me get back to dancing without any medical interventions and with more movement richness than I had ever felt in my back before.


The journey I went through each treatment is indescribable and different from anything else I had ever tried nor encountered.


I was always a person that loved helping people and that believes in the 'interconnectedness' of everything and I knew that this was the method I wanted to study and spread around to people.


In 2013 I became a certified Ilan Lev practitioner and in July 2015, I moved back to Amsterdam to share the method here in The Netherlands."

The longer I treat, the more I'm in awe of our self healing ability. I see what happens with clients that I treat and I can feel my own body completely change. It is truly exciting to realize that in the end we are energy and are constantly changing. As a therapist I don't look for a cognitive explanation and free my mind so that the work can be truly intuitive and a greater knowledge can stream though me. Don't set limits and just 'play'. Bring the lightness back and infuse your body with life. 

- Dorry Aben




BATC Therapist | Insurance Reimbursement


As a naturopathic specialist, I'm a member of BATC.  If alternative medicine is included in your health package, you will likely be able to receive partial coverage. 


Check zorgwijzer.nl, or contact your insurance provider to see if you receive coverage for my treatments.

The Ilan Lev treatments fall under 'natural health consults' ('het natuurgeneeskundig consult'), under code 24005.


As a BATC therapist, I am associated with a Disputes Committee and meet the Wkkgz law; a Dutch law about quality, complaints, and disputes. I also work according to the WGBO law; a law concerning therapeutic agreements. Starting May 25th 2018 I meet the standards of the AVG law; a European law protecting people's privacy.


BATC registration number   02330                
Legal Complaint number     16021921
AGB healthcare number      90103981

KvK Nummer:                        65172493  


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